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Lead Generation 

Companies A-K 

Katelin Fitzgerald
Manager, Business Dev. 

Tel: 781-972-5458
By email 


 Ask me about our Lead Generation Programs! 


Lead Generation 

Companies L-Z 

Elizabeth Lemelin
Manager, Business Dev. 

Tel: 781-972-1342
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Digital Advertising 

Terry Manning
Manager, Business Dev. 

Tel: 781.972.1349
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Clinical Informatics News-Rentals 

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Cambridge Healthtech Media Group

The Cambridge Healthtech Media Group offerings connects you and your promotional message with tens of thousands of life science professionals who have the authority and resources to recommend or buy your products and services.

Our subscriber lists help you reach your target audience. All subscribers have given permission to receive mailings and emails about relevant product and information offers.





  • Bio-IT World Conference and Expo Attendees
  • Bio-IT World Weekly Newsletter Subscribers
  • Bioinformatics Professionals within Life Sciences
  • Cloud Computing Professionals within Life Sciences
  • Health Information Technology (HIT) Professionals
  • LIMS Professionals within Life Sciences

Clinical Informatics News 

  • Clinical Informatics News Newsletter Subscribers
  • Clinical Research Organization Professionals
  • Clinical Trial Project Managers


For more information and a data card, please contact:

Jennifer Felling

69 Kenosia Ave,
Danbury, CT 06810
Tel: 203-778-8700
Fax 203-778-4839